kidzstore starter price

Monday evening, November 18, 2019, the presentation of the Starters Prize Middle Twente 2019 took place during the busy Starters café in Schouwburg Hengelo. Starters from Borne, Hengelo and Hof van Twente who started in 2018 had a chance to win this prize. Late in the evening, after a long wait, the winner was announced: Kidzstore from Hengelo! We were pleasantly surprised. A great reward for hard work, but certainly also for our industry.

The jury praised Kidzstore. These two young men started last year with a webshop in sustainable baby items, with the focus on washable diapers. They have now moved into a building in the center of Hengelo and have developed their own line of washable diapers. “The good starting situation, the rapid development and the financial perspective were decisive. Jeffrey and Ramon are very passionate and full of ideas for their product. For example, they want to unburden parents and offer a subscription whereby the used diapers are collected and washed. They want to invest the prize money in these plans, "says Peter.

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