The use of washable diapers is sometimes just like a maze. There are so many different options that you wonder if you are making the choice. We try to take you into the world of washable diapers.

In this blog we will talk about inserts, boosters and inserts. We are going to tell you exactly what they are, whether you need them and how you should use them. 

What are inserts?

Inserts and inserts are often confused. Inserts are non-absorbent sheets that you place on the inside of the diaper against your baby's buttocks. Urine runs through the insert to the absorbent core of the washable diaper. The inserts are used to collect stools to prevent the stools from getting into the diaper.

viscose inserts

There are two types of inserts available, disposable inserts and reusable inserts. At the bamboo diapers from for example LittleLamb and the bamboo night diaper Reusable fleece inserts are supplied from HappyBear. The fleece inserts are moisture-permeable and soft. Stools do not stick and you can easily throw them in the toilet after changing. Fleece inserts are very durable, because you reuse them.

The disposable inserts are available in rolls of 100 sheets per roll, are biodegradable and can be flushed down the toilet *

* This depends on your sewer system. A narrow drain in an older house can probably cause a blockage more quickly. We advise you to throw used inserts in a trash can.

What are depositors?

Depositors, also called boosters, are often used in combination with pocket diapers. Most pocket diapers come with inserts, but this differs per brand. Inserts are available in different types of fabric, each with its own unique properties.

Microfiber inserts

Microfiber inserts are made from a synthetic fabric. Nearly all pocket diapers become one as standard microfiber depositor delivered. They absorb quickly, but cannot retain as much moisture as, for example, bamboo. That is why microfiber inserts are often combined with other inserts. 

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Bamboo charcoal inserts

The bamboo charcoal inserts are a combination of microfiber, charcoal and bamboo. The charcoal would reduce acidity and help prevent diaper rash.

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Cotton inserts

Cotton is a fast-absorbing substance that can also absorb a fair amount of moisture. Prefold for example, inserts are made of cotton and are often used for newborn babies. Some parents put other inserts in a folded cotton prefold insert.

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Bamboo inserts

Bamboo is an extremely absorbent material that is naturally resistant to bacterial growth. This makes bamboo an excellent choice as a pocket diaper insert. The antibacterial properties prevent accumulation of nasty odors and keep your inserts clean. The bamboo inserts absorb less quickly than for example microfibre. Use the bamboo inserts in combination with other inserts.

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Hemp inserts

Hemp is a natural substance known for its incredibly absorbent and anti-fungal properties.

hemp cotton inserts

Although it may not absorb as quickly as microfiber or other substances, it can absorb much more moisture. Use a hemp insert for example under a microfiber or bamboo insert. This gives a maximum absorption capacity; the first insert can absorb quickly, so that the hemp insert can absorb the remaining moisture, so that you do not suffer from leaks that easily.

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Which and how many inserts should I use?

Although you can use just two microfiber inserts, parents think the combination of 1 microfiber insert and 1 bamboo insert together with 1 hemp inserts works best. The microfiber insert absorbs quickly and retains less moisture, while the bamboo and hemp insert absorbs less quickly, but retains more moisture. Make sure that when using multiple inserts, the micro-fiber inserts are always on top. The best combination does not exist, because this varies per child. A child who pees a lot more at once benefits more from an extra microfiber insert, while a child with smaller puddles benefits more from a combination of other inserts. In the beginning it is therefore mainly experimenting which combination inserts works best for your child.

If you have any questions about washable diapers or the use of inserts, please contact us. We are happy to advise you in making the right choice. 

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