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If you are orientating on washable diapers, you can quickly get lost due to all the different washable diaper systems, brands and many advice. But which diaper system fits well with your child, but also with your own lifestyle and ideals? With our unique diaper selection help you can discover which diaper suits you best with a few simple questions.

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Benefits of washable diapers

A child consumes around 7,000 disposable diapers during his entire diaper period. The production, distribution and processing of disposable diapers leaves a dazzling footprint on our planet. By choosing washable diapers, you reduce the waste diapers by 7,000 pieces per child. With washable diapers you not only save the environment, but you also notice it in your wallet. Washable diapers are a one-time investment, but you will earn it back soon! Many washable diapers can also be used again for the next child in the future. Did you know that children who use washable diapers are on average 1 to 1.5 years toilet trained than children in disposable diapers?

Why Kidzstore

Kidzstore was founded with the concept 'Environmentally aware, Stylish and Affordable'. We have an extensive range of washable diapers with fun prints. With washable diapers you not only save the environment, but also many euros in disposable diapers. Practicing the game with your child? Then make toilet training fun with handy training pants. For babies we have stylish point bibber sets, mess aprons and trendy swim diapers. And which parent has no nostalgic feelings with the wooden toys? All products in our range have been extensively tested, so that we can firmly say that we stand behind all our products. Kidzstore strives for excellent service, good information and fast shipping.

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